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    • cm871 injector cup Country of Origin: INDIA. 3L Power Stroke Alliant Power Fuel Injector Seal Kit, Ford (1994-03) 7. 7L 3RZ (1994-2004) OEM Fuel Injector Spacer Cup w/O-ring 90561-10018 Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 29, 2011. 76 $ 23 . Out of Stock-Notify me when this item is available. Let dry overnight before starting. Ford 7. Free 2-3 Day Shipping. Put the removal it into the injector cup and holds them onto the cup, then tighten the nut on the tool to pull the cup out. Add to your wish list. Additional information. 2001-2004. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Made of quality materials, this part has undergone try-on testing to ensure a quality fit and a long service life The CTA Tools 3873 Ford 6. ,Ltd 86-23-67919280 +8613594057970 frank@cqlongshine. With the head removed, the slide hammer adapter can be installed to pull the injector sleeve. Nov 23, 2013. 3 L Powerstroke, 1999-2003 7. Don't try to save a few bucks at the expense of your engine - know . LB7 Injector Cup. If that takes a crap then i'd think you'd see more blow by than anything. 5 LB7 Duramax Injector Screw In Cups. Remember to let the Loctite cure properly with the injector installed and the injector hold down torqued to spec prior to starting the engine. LIFETIME WARRANTY. 3L Injector Cups (Set Of 8) $96. $135. 5 - 2003 Ford 7. and cups installed has engine brake, the isx cm871 was a big deal as this is the first year cummins started to place diesel particulate filters dpfs in commercial trucks this filter traps particulate matter 1 / 5 Chonqqing Longshine Import and Export Co. CM871 QSX: CM570 3666239 Injector Sleeve, Cylinder Head Refer to Procedure 002-014 (/qs3/pubsy s2/xml/en/p rocedures/1 0/10-002-014. I then torque the injector down in the cup as it holds the cup down tight while the loctite dries. They come in a broad collection that suits different users, such as. View Product-Duramax LB7 CP3 Injector Pump $ 649. Using injector cup removal /installation tool install injector tube in injector bore. Does the head need to come off or is there a way to pull them out without removing the head. 3L POWERSTROKE INJECTOR CUP - F4TZ9F538A Genuine Ford Original Equipment Manufacture 7. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+. Cat Injector Cups. Add to Wishlist. Our 6. This fuel injector sleeve is a direct replacement for an original equipment part. ive seen a guy change the cups and not get them seated all the way, when he put the injectors in it broke the seal and he only found out after he got the truck back together having to pull it all back out. This tool comes with a lifetime warranty! Tap is a wear item and is not covered by the warranty. Contents: (1) Fuel Injector; Warranty 1-Year Warranty OEM Applications: 148-075-8665 . Peterbilt tested the headgasket (so they say), the egr . the isx cm871 was a big deal . 2. Works on brass cup 21098621, 3183368, 85104134, 85124276. Cummins® 3676985: Cummins® OEM Injector Cup . 12-342-01-01 Injector Cup Remover. Add To Cart. Most parts ship within 1 - 3 business . 26. I have YET to see a cup failure in a 6. Part# 97188463. The cylinder head can not be used if wear, cracks, other damage, or mis-drilled passages are detected in the injector bores. Dimensions. Price: US $210. Subscribe. S&S LB7 45% Over SAC Injector Set. 0. cummins injector cup are loaded with modern advanced technology to solve different machinery and engine problems that may derail . 65 shipping. I have talked about it before but I finally took some pics. 0. LB7 Duramax Injector Screw In Cups. We provide a full range of Cummins parts for all CCEC and DCEC engines such as M11,NT855,K19,K38,K50,4BT,6BT,QSB,QSC,ISF,L10,V28,N14,QSXetc. Categories: 2001-2004 6. Please don't forget to rate my service, Rawze. Assembly I. The high pressure oil actually follows the body of the nipple cup and attacks the top of the top injector O-Ring. 83. ISX 15 Cummings EGR Delete CM871 2008-2010 Complete Kit. For engines equipped with the CM871, remove the mounting plate connected to the port for the front three cylinders. Manufacturer. Cummins Injector Cup 3071046. 26-33ftlb loosen 180 degrees tighten 26-33 ftlb. PART NO. 0L Powerstroke. Most parts ship within 1 - 3 business days. com -- Injector Leak Test for the CM871 engine by Rawze. Apr 28, 2011. Use J-46904 for screw-in stainless cups 240-1039 . 81. The area inside the cup that your injector is seated is just a stagnant open air volume sealed by your washer at the bottom and the o-ring at the top of the injector. 19 lbs. Works on All 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 6. Hino JO8C JO8E Injector Puller and Injector Cup/Sleeve Installer Remover Kit. Sometimes, if the injector body is cracked externally, you may be able to notice a small wisp of smoke from the injector. This is a high-quality aftermarket tool kit. Rawze's Amazon Recommendations: https://www. NOTE: Tool J-47388 must be fully engaged with the fuel injector cup to prevent damage to the tool and the cup. Center Pull Taper Plugs. fiction1990. 0L Power Stroke. Sign in to check out. Alliant Injector Cups AP63411. If the cup was cracked you would have a lot more issues then just replacing the injector. 07. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Injector Cup Kit for Mack MP7 Engine 21351717 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! 7. Weight. 3 POWERSTROKE. Free Ground Shipping to the Continental US. I have had elc in my e99 for over a year now after doing my injector cups with no issues anywhere. Rawze. Set of 8 Fuel Injector Cup Sleeve. 2 07-03-2019, 08:00 AM. 3L Powerstroke Ford Diesel Fuel Injector Sleeve Cup Puller Remover Installer Tool Kit Includes in-vehicle alternatives for 303-DS105 D94T-9000-B 303-D109 D94T-9000-C You'll find Stallion Products are widely considered the most heavy duty on the market! This is a high-quality tool and you will be pleased with your purchase. Determine the leaking injector by following the diagram. 2008-2010 ISX Cummins EGR Delete kit for DUAL OVERHEAD CAM engine includes: Stainless steel exhaust washer type plug, intake plug (egg shape), 2ea-coolant plugs with O-rings, 2ea-fittings, 2ea doser plugs, installation instructions. 99/set (1) LB7 Injector Cup/Sleeve (Replaces GM Part # 97188463) (2) O-rings - (Replaces GM Part # 94051259) Replace your damaged injector cups with these replacement cups to ensure a proper seal between the injector body and the cylinder head. Fuel in coolant being the biggest one. 1 09-26-2018, 10:32 PM. Rawze's Collection. Aug 15, 2016. 99/ea or $199. with. I Have Replaced The Injector Cups Engine Runs With A Miss Number. Apparently 2 different . in stock. 4. Learn more. It is not uncommon for this injector to start clogging up at around the 250-300k mileage on many trucks. 9K subscribers. Categories: 1994-1997 7. $2. 4L Power Stroke Alliant Injector Cups AP63411. Add to Cart. If you have a Ford / International DT444 or Power Stroke you may need to replace your injector cups. 0L Fuel Injector Sleeve Cup Tool makes removing and installing the injector sleeve a breeze in your 2003-2007 Ford 6. 3003929. Reputation: 31. Injector Cup Remover. Genuine Alliant Power injector cup made in the USA! MVP 360 Holding Device 1/2-20. Cummins ISX & ISM CM871 (2007-2009) Fault Codes. Dorman Products - 904-213 : Diesel Fuel Injector Cup Sleeve. The brush set properly cleans the injector bore which is required for the fuel injector sleeve . Please share the part number or engine serial number for the required item. 5-03 7. . You Save: $26. Condition: New. 1994. html) 2 Document History Cummins ISX 152mm Non-APR Cylinder Liner with Shim, 4376392. Add to Compare. Opens in a new window or tab. 0L or a 7. com at enticing offers. 3 Power Stroke Injector Cup Removal and Installation Kit. Write a Review. The injector has its own o rings, they go into a cup. *. There are (2) of these seals on each LB7 Injector Cup, both must be replaced to avoid coolant contamination. 1/2-20 threads. 6 × 4 × 4 in. If bubbles occur between: A and B (number 3 injector is leaking) B and C (number 1 injector is leaking) C and A (number 2 injector is leaking). Volvo and Mack Stainless Steel or Brass Injector Sleeve Cup Nozzle Tube Remover and Installer Tool Kit for D11 D12 D13 D16 FM12 Truck MP7 MP8 MP10 Engine OEM Alternative to 9986174 88800387 88800196. #6 · Oct 17, 2016. (07-03-2019, 07:54 AM) Jas00500 Wrote: Quick question on a isx 2350 need to replace injector cups have coolant mixing in fuel. If the washer doesn't seal you still have the o-ring at the top of the volume. 96 Looking for shop manual for 2016 DD13 or injector cup replacement guide. #1. April 28, 2018 ~ Admin. com with a link to the product in question. Performing a combustion gas in the coolant test is a good starting point for diagnosing this. Damaged or cracked injector cups can cause leaks leading to engine damage. Quantity. com 17-3,NO. Note: Red Loctite required to seal injector cup to head (not included). This injector sleeve tool saves the time, hassle and money of removing the heads to replace the injector sleeves (also known as injector cups). You'll be back up and running in no time. Set includes tools to remove fuel injector sleeves, clean the injector bore and fuel galley, and install injector sleeve cups. #2. First remove the valve cover, then crank the engine and let it idle. 4L Engines. Has anyone removed the injector cups on a LB7 without using the removal tool. Genuine Alliant Power injector cup made in the USA! • Install Injector Cups /per cylinder (call w/ info -tooling is vehicle specific) • Port and polish /per hr Valve Jobs “If you have a VJ done, #215/A and #214 is included FREE” • 190 - 4V single cylinder • 195 - 2V twin cylinder • 200 - 3 cylinder • 201 - OHV 4 cylinder • 202 - SOHC 4 cylinder 3. its also a good idea to install and torque the injector while the lock tight is still wet. 3L, 6. And here she is. ISX Overhead Set by Rawze. 00. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. LB7 Injector Cup O-Ring. Add to cart. AS PER CUMMINS. Put the removal into the injector cup and holds them onto the cip then tighten the nut on the . 6L Duramax. 52. 3L Diesel Engines. Replace your damaged or worn injector cups with a genuine GM replacement. What are Injector Cups? This video describes what Injector Cups are, how to replace them, and why there is fuel in you coolant. In our trucks it only affected the injector cup retaining compound. You can also fit a clear line from the head to the surge tank and check for bubbles Cummins Injector Cup 3052522. Each Injector is 100% functionally tested for fuel delivery, fuel injection pressure and timing to ensure you receive the highest quality. Price: $40. This can be easily diagnosed by inspecting your old top injector O-Ring, if the top looks eroded, but the bottom looks fine, you have a leak at the nipple cup. So i just bought this 2010KW with an ISX550 engine, and the peterbilt dealer where i bought it has been chasing a coolant loss problem for three weeks. Engine Engine has less than 400 miles Engine has new 3 5 injectors and cups installed has engine brake Cummins ISX amp ISM CM871 2007 2009 Fault Codes – Imperial April 17th, 2019 - The ISX CM871 was a big deal as this is the first year Cummins started to place diesel particulate filters DPFs in commercial trucks This filter traps particulate 2500 2999 2551 injector metering rail 2 pressure data valid but above normal operating range moderately severe level 2552 injector metering rail 1 pressure data valid but above normal operating range moderately severe level, the isx cm871 was a big deal as this is the first year cummins started to Refurbished - $17. Number 3873. 4 injector sleeve remover tool offers several unique design features compared to competitive products. $ 869. MSRP: $174. Our Price: $147. 3. Fitment. 3084895: Cummins® OEM Injector Cup. Fits MACK MP8 Engine 2008 - Current (Conical Injector Sleeve) applicable models CT, CTP, CV, GU, CHU, CXU, LEU, MRU; This tool kit will also remove injector cups in the MACK MP7, MP8, MP9 and MP10. On a couple of extreme cases we drove the tip through in to the cylinder area and pulled the exhaust manifold and dropped one of the exhaust valves down and blew air into injector hole and blew the piece out the exhaust . cummins injector cup sellers and distributors as well as personal users. 3L Power Stroke Diamond T Enterprises Heavy Duty 16pc Lifter Set, Ford (1984-10) 6. Tip of the injector must be flush with the fire deck or sunk into the . Quick view Details. Cummins. 0L AND 6. 7L 3RZ (1994-2004) OEM Fuel Injector Spacer Cup w/O-ring 90561-10018 to do an injector adjustment on a, www mit edu, ethanol industry directory, valve lash adjustment for a 330hp m11 cummins justanswer, cummins isx amp ism cm871 2007 2009 fault codes imperial, freightliner fault codes truck tractor amp forklift, cummins isx15 600 reference manual pdf download 2001-2004. 3L Powerstroke injector cup/sleeve. 3L. I've had and heard of a very high success rate doing it this way. 95. 7. School Bus Mechanic Cat 3116 Diesel Engine Installing And Seating. We have ASE certified techs on staff to answer all of your technical questions. 99. I initially thought imap sensor stuck in . This tool kit can be used for the removal of both the injector and the injector sleeve without the need of any other tools. 2003 - 2010 6. 12. With a light, study the injector body of each cylinder. Rosewood Diesel Injector Sleeve Removal/Install Tool, Ford (1994-03) 7. (please refer to owners manual. Install injector tube on injector cup removal/installation tool. School Bus Mechanic Diesel Mechanic Cat 3116 Valve And Injector. Haven’t seen it done without pulling the whole cylinder head, while you’re at . Hi I have a cm871 isx that was deleted several years ago. Choose an option Single Full-Set Clear. Price: $101. This is the method i used the second time, after i tore it back down due to a cup leaking after i replaced the injectors. 100% Made in the USA! Machined in Northeast Ohio! The 7. 65 Jianxin Bei Road,Jiangbei District,Chongqing,China Injector Sleeve Tool Set. The DPF system is still used on commercial trucks . The injector cups have a problem where they develop cracks and leak Diesel fuel into the cooling system. This filter traps particulate matter (also called “soot”) created by the engine. Thanks and Reputation cost nothing. MFG. Does that cup have its own o rings ? If so what is needed to take the cup out ? Also- when you purchase a new head gasket set from cat, it supposedly comes with a set of o rings, what are they for ? cup or injector ? Thanks fellas Fuel Injector Cup and Sleeves w/ O rings | 2003-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6. 3L Ford Powerstroke. Part Number: PDM-07020. It sometimes make no boost and no power, with insite hooked up the only issue is any throttle position past idle or very low settings just off idle the motor operating state says air fuel control derate and stays there. Use included adapters labeled for stainless steel cup 21401136, 85137065. '08 2500HD CC SB 4X4 D/A, ATP EFILive with DSP5, AFE Test Pipe, Magnaflow DPF back 4" exhaust, 20" PYS or 18 . for all. Nov 17, 2015 #1. The truck runs fine, never overheats, no other issues, except it pushes coolant out of the overflow bottle on hard pulls. The second way injector cups fail is from coolant airation which becomes pressurising- pushing coolant out the over flow of the surge tank. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $21. 0 Powerstroke injector cup tool / 6. 0 Powerstroke injector cup tool, you'll also need an o-ring( provided by head repair kit )to retain the injector sleeve to the installer. 95 If you have a Ford / International DT444 or Power Stroke you may need to replace your injector cups. Cummins ISX, CM871 Injector Rebuilt 6 Cyl Diesel 4088665, CPLs 0927, 1434, 2733, 2919, 2965, 3167, 3458, 8660 Cummins ISX Injectors are remanufactu bubbles occur. These brass sleeves weaken and fatigue from age and tend to split and fail. 14. You cannot replace the injector cups on these engines. Cummins Injector Cup 3006540; Cummins Injector Cup 3006540. 0 are a night and day difference compared to a 7. This injector sleeve tool eliminates the pain and time-consuming effort of removing the heads when replacing the injector sleeves (also known as injector cups). We revert back to the old tap/threading tools of the copper cup days. 4L 2RZ, 2. Location Offline. Inspect the injector bores for wear, cracks, other damage, or mis-drilled passages. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The cups will leak without an injector or dummy injector installed to properly pressure check, if they are really leaking replace the head otherwise as per Cummins Injector sleeve is leaking - even with no noticeable defect to the injector o-rings Replace the injector o-rings and install and tighten the injectors again to reseat the injector cups 59 ft lbs. 6L Duramax LB7. com: Just helping someone to replace a bad injector that we found on his ISX CM871 engine. Fuel Injector Cups for Cummins Engines. GM states to re-seal them. At a minimum, pull the cups that are an issue, clean them up, and reinstall using Loctite 272. Genuine OE replacement. 99/set New - $27. com/shop/r. $149. Injector cups are a very vital part of the internal workings of a Powerstroke diesel engine, whether it is a 6. Description. The. 60. Detroit 60 Series In-Vehicle Injector Cup Puller/Remover. 5. Injector cup remover assembly, part of 12-342-01. We also have full stock for general parts so we can deliver in a short time. cummins injector cup available on Alibaba. Thanks in advanced. 99 – $ 199. Price: $38. When the injector cup fails, you will no longer have a seal between the fuel system and the coolant system. 0L and 6. Don't deal with failed Fuel Injector Sleeve/Cups anymore for your 6. This kit does not use an Anti-Polishing Carbon Scraper Ring (APR) Injector Cup / Sleeve Puller and Driver Tool Set for Caterpillar C7 and Caterpillar 3126 Applications TamerX Diesel Products: WTC7PD Save yourself or your company time and money with our Cat C7 / Cat 3126 Injector Cup/Sleeve Puller and Driver set. Unlike other products, our tap is separate from the puller portion of the tool. CUP,INJECTOR. it doesnt take much to crack the sealant and then you are pressurizing the cooling system after putting injectors in wondering wtf happened. The GM 94051259 LB7 Injector Cup O-Ring is a direct replacement for your 2001-2004 GM 6. This project outlines how to replace the injector cups without removing the heads. Does your Diesel Engine have fuel in the coolant or coolant in the fuel? The most common cause of this is Injector Cups. Cummins recommends a simple visual test to start. #18 · Sep 30, 2016. Cummins Injector Cup 3023556. The ISX CM871 was a big deal, as this is the first year Cummins started to place diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in commercial trucks. Save yourself many hours of labor by not having to remove the heads! This tool works in or out of the vehicle to remove cups, rather than using the OEM tools J-33880-4 and J-5286-5. YouTube. Valve And Injector Adjustment For Cummins Ism . 3L Fuel Injector Sleeve Cup Tool allows you to replace the loose or corroded injector sleeves in your 1994-2003 Ford 7. Tighten injector tube to torque specs. 5 LB7 Duramax Injector Screw In Cups quantity. 1,935 Posts. cups installed has engine brake Cummins ISX amp ISM CM871 2007 2009 Fault Codes – Imperial April 17th, 2019 - The ISX CM871 was a big deal as this is the first year Cummins started to place diesel particulate filters DPFs in commercial trucks This filter traps particulate matter also called “soot” created ST-1244 3377079 Cummins 855 Injector Sleeve/Cup/Tube Puller Alt ST-232-T. 3. Marine Caterpillar 3116 Engine. Cummins Genuine Parts. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. New Aftermarket SOHC ISX Injector Cup Kit, Cup, Seal, And Retaining Ring 3686961. ISX Cummins CM871 Valve Adjustment. Rock Solid flip cup design with 360 degree viewport and adjustable leveling screws. Thanks given by: Reply. *Also work on the 2003-2012 International Navistar VT365 The CTA Tools 3875 Ford 7. . 94-03 7. Now that you have replaced them with the new compound that is compatible you should have no problems. INJECTOR SLEEVE CUP 7. Buy KIPA Injector Sleeve Cup Removal Tool & install kit for Ford Powerstroke 6. This only works on CM2250 and 2350 engines. Install fuel injector cup onto tool J-47388 and install into cylinder head bore. Crazy Alex Light . ×. 29. Description: Cross Reference #s 4309076, 2836357 . less than 400 miles engine has new 3 5 injectors and cups installed has engine . #18 · Mar 27, 2012. 3L Injector Cups (Set Of 8) Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name. Thanks Adept Ape Check him out on you tube. Product Title Meat Injector, Stainless Steel 2-oz BBQ Injection Ki . 7L 3RZ (1994-2004) OEM Fuel Injector Spacer Cup w/O-ring 90561-10018 $5. The injector sleeve/cup puller threads into the old cups to remove them from the bore of the engine. 11,903 Posts. Cummins ISX15 450HP CM871. Injector Seals- Toyota Fuel Injector Seal Kit (1979-2020) 8-024A $3. Email Required. INJECTOR RACK CUPS, ProductNumber: ZTSE4645, Price: $424. 97 $ 21 . I had a hard time removing the rear injector on driver's side and after I got it out, I noticed that that cup is sticking up about 1/8" while the others are flush. April 17th, 2019 - The ISX CM871 was a big deal as this is the first year Cummins started to place diesel particulate filters DPFs in commercial trucks This filter traps particulate 1 / 2 matter also called “soot” created by the engine The DPF system is still used on commercial trucks today There are 251 fault codes for this engine line … The CTA Tools 3873 Ford 6. 7 Ready to Ship. 0810-19. It isn't even that big of a job so it's worth a try. You will receive an actual Ford part, unlike some of our competitors that advertise OEM parts but send aftermarket. By installing this 6. 99 – $ 902. Does not Include O-rings. (07-03-2019, 07:54 AM)Jas00500 Wrote: Quick question on a isx 2350 need to replace injector cups have coolant mixing in fuel. This tool works on Heavy Nose and Thin Nose cup numbers 3011934, 3070486, 3406702, FP3070486, 419619251, 719251, 240-1009, 3011935, 3071147, FP3071147, 419619253, 240-1010 Detroit 60 Series In-Vehicle Injector Cup Puller/Remover. Joined: Feb 2016. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Injector Cup- Toyota 4Runner, T100, Tacoma 2. This kit includes High-Quality Aftermark Cummins sell a tool that installs injector cup retainer/crush rings in the head while it's still on the engine. O-rings not included. 12-342-01-09 Center Pull Taper Plugs. LB7 Injector Cup / Sleeve Kit $ 17. If you notice a diesel oder, you have a cracked injector cup. 3L Power Stroke injectors sit in a brass sleeve that separates the injector, and fuel, from the engine's coolant. Edit: Look closely and there is a "crack" at 3oclock also. Cat injector cups/ sleeves. 131 8362 3114 3116 3126 Reamer Head. Remove the degas bottle cap and smell the coolant. Big 3/4" fender washer. We cooperate with many certificated OEM factories of Cummins who have advanced equipment and technology. Cat 3116 Injector Cups. This is what you need: 3/4" concrete anchor with a 7/8" head thats 7" long. The cups in a 6. $3,109. These high quality injector cups are built to last. 0L. Injector Sleeve Service Set. Coat the threads of the fuel injector cup and cup sealing surface with a high temperature nickel based anti-seize lubricant. FORD GENUINE OEM 94. We will do our best to match or beat it! Single Or Full Set. Looking for shop manual for 2016 DD13 or injector cup replacement guide. 3 L Powerstroke, Ford Powerstroke, Heavy Duty, International Navistar Truck - AG and Industrial Tags: Engine Components, Injector seals - installation - Connector Tube. Some of the common Cummins Fuel Injector Cups are listed below: 3001314. 139 Posts. The only kit in the market made to work on both stainless steel and brass cups. LB7 Injector Cup/Sleeve O-Rings quantity. 97 - $23. Applications: Hino JO8C and JO8E. Info. $ 18. +$15. Return the engine to operation. Just need the injectors out and the rocker shafts removed. We want to earn your business! Send an email to sales@injectorsdirect. Junior Member. Save. 89 (15 %) Updated Design - Includes Shim. 9L, 7. Shopping. Install the fuel-metering This injector is the key to keeping the after-treatment system functioning properly, but unfortunately, it is exposed to all the soot and other bad things that can end up in your exhaust. I highly highly suggest resealing each injector cup that you pull an injector from regardless if the cup came with the injector or not. I feel that it should be removed and resealed but do not have . 0L, & 6. 0L 2003-2010 with 8Pcs Injector Sleeves 8Pcs Injector Orings Stainless Maintenance brush Durable # 3302: Fuel Injectors - Amazon. 76 replacing fuel injector cups on 2002 ISX 450 Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by Crazy Alex, Nov 17, 2015. 4L 2RZ & 2. This is what can cause compression leaks into the coolant system, not the orange o-rings. amazon. IMPROVED DESIGN. The GM 97188463 LB7 Injector Cup is a direct replacement for your 2001-2004 GM 6. 99/ea or $139. Injector Cup- Toyota 4Runner, T100 & Tacoma 2. 03. $ 24. 1. The first signs on injector cup failure is when you notice diesel fuel in your coolant. 3/4" nut. A piece of pipe that has a minimum of 1 1/8" ID and a max of 1 3/8" OD around 3" long. The injector cup seals the cooling system from the injector inside the cylinder head. Injector Cup / Sleeve Puller and Driver Tool Set for Caterpillar C7 and Caterpillar 3126 Applications TamerX Diesel Products: WTC7PD Save yourself or your company time and money with our Cat C7 / Cat 3126 Injector Cup/Sleeve Puller and Driver set. Just helping another driver find out why his engine is running poorly. The wisp of smoke that can sometimes be seen is . 6L LB7, Duramax, Industrial Injection, Injectors, Injectors. 3L Powerstroke. This kit contains the following components. cm871 injector cup